28 February 2011

On Oscar fashion...

I actually stayed up to watch the end of The Oscars last night!  I am so proud of myself.  I saw absolutely none of the movies that were talked about last night (the last movie I saw in the theater was Eclipse *so embarrassing*).  This fact, however, did not prevent me from having an opinion of The Oscar fashion that was presented. 

Remember that game you used to play in early grade school, the one where you see a picture and have to tell the teacher what it reminds you of?  Well, I am going to play that game with you now. 

Skipper's Picture Association, Oscar Style.


made me think of this



made me think of this


made me think of this


made me think of this


made me think of this

Okay, okay - there's my morning snark.  But, not everything was bad.  Here are a few of my favorites {Source for all}:

 Love her

She is beyond adorable and classy

Pretty and simple

{I gave credit to the origins of these photos, hopefully that works!}

What were your thoughts about last night's fashion?

27 February 2011

On three spring shoes (and splurges)...

Now that I have had First Mate, it appears that my feet may never be the same.  Just when I thought it wasn't possible - I believe that my feet may have grew (grown?)!  Yikes!  So long giant ass boat feet size 10s - now, I think I am a size 10 1/4 (not that that size actually exists.)  I suppose now I am in the hunt for some new shoes, and here are some that I am really loving!

The Tory Burch Striped Espradrille

Sadly, I cannot wear Revas.  They feel like fire hurt my toesies.  I actually bought a pair last winter and had to return them to the store (thank goodness for Nordstrom's liberal return policy!).  It was disappointing.  However, I am really lurving these cute, spring-y espradilles.

The Sperry Women's Paloma

While I think Sperry is making some unfortunate marketing choices (the hot pink Women's Abacos - really?!?!), I think that this wedge sandal is super cute.  I already own 3 pairs of Sperrys and they are my favorite - so, I would hope that these sandals would be as comfy as their flat soled friends.

The Kate Spade wedge sandal

I saw these sandals in Self Magazine and I am in LOVE.  They are the absolute CUTEST dressy sandal I have seen in a long time.  The subtle nude straps appear quite conservative from the front/top and then - wham - you get hit with a blast of a pretty rainbow heel.  The only issue is that they are $300 and well, that's a bit much for shoes (in my opinion).  May just have to save up for them though.

What are your favorite new spring shoes?

22 February 2011

On Quilting Part 1...

Since life has thrown me a curve ball and I am back at the lovely abode I grew up in, I decided that it might be fun to take an "Adult Education Class".  Okay, now before you get all silly on me, the "Adult Education Classes" in my neck of the woods are more of how to learn a particular hobby.  I pondered between Latin Dancing (too much balancing in high heels), Pilates (too much exercise), Microsoft Excel for Seniors (ummm...as much as I need to learn Excel, that just wasn't going to be how I did it) and Quilting.  I bet from the title of this post - you can guess which one I picked.

Now, I have been sewing for about 20 years but, I have never formally quilted.  (I have made some terrible blankets that I lied and said were quilts but any real quilter or person with sight could tell that they were not true quilts.) 

I figured out that I wanted to make a baby quilt for First Mate's Shore House Crib.  No lie, it took me two classes to pick out the quilt block pattern I wanted to attempt.  And, then, once I decided on a quilt block - I found something totally different.  Here is what I chose (from Piper's Girls Etsy Shop):


Since it is going to be for the Shore House, I decided not to go the red, blue and yellow route (that's a bit boyish anyway) and chose more beach-y colors:

Now, I wish I could tell you that I hand picked this fabric, but, I did not.  They were pre-packaged from my local quilting store, so, someone with a much better design eye than myself can take the credit.  Pretty, no?

So, now, every Tuesday (I hope) I will bore you to tears with the development of my quilt.  I figure that if I am sharing the process with the world, I am more accountable (ha!).  

Here's to nothing!

17 February 2011

On Turning 32...

Recently, I turned 32 and boy has my entire world changed since turning 31, last year.  I know a lot of people say that their entire worlds have changed in the course of a year but, I have changed states, marital status and parental status all in less than 365 days.  I think I deserve a treat.

Like every other year, I feel as if it is appropriate for me to purchase myself a birthday present.  However, this year I am having trouble deciding, so I will see advice from you all.  Here is my "wish list".


Now, I am not the biggest fan of the black asprin dot as shown above but, there are so many other patterns and colors to choose from...  

...like Bubble Flower Pink, Daisy Chain Turquoise and Button Up Sea (respectively).  So pretty!


Super chic for the warm months ahead, not like I don't wear sunglasses every single time I am outdoors anyway (rain, shine, snow, overcast, you name it).  I wouldn't have a hard time justifying this purchase except that I don't really wear my contacts anymore, so I don't know when I would wear them.


Super cute and well priced, I want one of them but cannot seem to be able to choose between the John Galt and Franny Glass (respectively).  I do have the Vicki Jerangle Carrick headband from KJP and the quality of the products are very good.  Now, I just need to stop pulling my hair up all the time and start wearing it!


I LOVE this dress.  Yeah, yeah, I know it was from the Fall 2010 collection but, it's so super cute.  I am also just starting to love the look of the tunic dress.  I know I am behind the fashion times but, it had to grow on me.

*I had to borrow this photo from Shopaholic in Alabama's blog!  I couldn't find the picture anywhere.


Now, to be honest, this is totally different than my typical style - but, I LOVE it.  I think it is so super cute and unique.  And, I have a thing for stuff that is personal(ized)!

Ok, yes.  I am 32, not 12 but, I collect these dolls (my Kirsten is 24 years old!) and I have a feeling that Miss McIntire is probably about to go the way of Samantha (who, I never got to buy - pissed), Kirsten and Felicity (who are both snugly tucked away in the attic) and be retired.  That means I must buy her for me to pass down to First Mate before she's a few hundred bucks on eBay!


This list could go on and on but, I had to cut it down to my very favorites!

What do you think?

16 February 2011

On healthy eating...

Yesterday, I took First Mate out to her very first trip to the food store.  Being that I had my 2 month old baby with me, I decided that maybe it was the day to start my health eating.  After all, who is going to teach First Mate healthy eating habits if not me?

I left the store with exactly 1 large bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, 5 cans of Beefaroni (they were $1 each!!!) and 2 bags of snack sized Snickers bars.

So much for that...

15 February 2011

On Facebook...

Friday, First Mate (my daughter, more about her later), my cousin and I went to the mall.  We weren't doing much more than window shopping and making fun of the stores' offerings.  As I walked out of the dressing room in The Gap (damn are "skinny pants" REALLY skinny), I saw a cute man about my age walk by.  Of course I noticed right away that he was married so, I ran pushed First Mate quickly over to a different model pant and headed to the dressing room.

It was then that said cute man called out my first and last (maiden) name.  I looked him in the eye and knew right away who he was - my 6th grade mega-crush.  *Swoon* (that was for you Kristy!)  At that moment, a barrage different things filled my thoughts.

The most poignant of them: shit, I never accepted his friend request on Facebook.  Seriously, at 32 years old, THAT was the first thing that came to mind?  Not, I wonder what he's been up to?  Or, whatever people usually think when they see someone for the first time in 14 years.  Nope, I was more concerned that I now looked like a super bitch snob because I didn't press the little "confirm" button on the world's most popular social networking page.  Thankfully, I never pressed "not now" button either, so, I hoped that I only looked busy and though I was at the mall on a Friday afternoon, I was somehow unable to find the time to attend to my Facebook account.


03 February 2011

On Starting Over...

So, here I am.  A new year, a new me, a new blog.  I have to admit - I was missing the bloggie world, but, life was upending itself over here.  I wanted to start blogging again but, I knew that I couldn't go back to my old URLs, that just wasn't who I was anymore...

I decided to start a new, fresh blog that belongs to who I am now - someone who I will let you grow to know as I am growing into myself.

You will see that I have given myself the pseudonym "Skipper" because I am in charge of my life now, no one is holding me under their thumb anymore.  I make the decisions and call the shots - just like any good skipper would do.  And, this time, I also needed a bit more anonymity. 

Why "This East Coast Life"?  Well, I live on the East Coast.  Not only that, but, I am finding that life on the East Coast is different than anywhere else.  We're not the South or the West Coast or the Deep South (which, in my opinion, is a totally different place than the South).  I guess you could narrow it down to the Mid-Atlantic but, my life is starting to expand back to New England as well - so, I am going to stick with the more encompassing East Coast title.

I guess that's about it for right now.  I am sure that, like before, I will come up with many random things to write about and show you.

Thanks for reading!