22 February 2011

On Quilting Part 1...

Since life has thrown me a curve ball and I am back at the lovely abode I grew up in, I decided that it might be fun to take an "Adult Education Class".  Okay, now before you get all silly on me, the "Adult Education Classes" in my neck of the woods are more of how to learn a particular hobby.  I pondered between Latin Dancing (too much balancing in high heels), Pilates (too much exercise), Microsoft Excel for Seniors (ummm...as much as I need to learn Excel, that just wasn't going to be how I did it) and Quilting.  I bet from the title of this post - you can guess which one I picked.

Now, I have been sewing for about 20 years but, I have never formally quilted.  (I have made some terrible blankets that I lied and said were quilts but any real quilter or person with sight could tell that they were not true quilts.) 

I figured out that I wanted to make a baby quilt for First Mate's Shore House Crib.  No lie, it took me two classes to pick out the quilt block pattern I wanted to attempt.  And, then, once I decided on a quilt block - I found something totally different.  Here is what I chose (from Piper's Girls Etsy Shop):


Since it is going to be for the Shore House, I decided not to go the red, blue and yellow route (that's a bit boyish anyway) and chose more beach-y colors:

Now, I wish I could tell you that I hand picked this fabric, but, I did not.  They were pre-packaged from my local quilting store, so, someone with a much better design eye than myself can take the credit.  Pretty, no?

So, now, every Tuesday (I hope) I will bore you to tears with the development of my quilt.  I figure that if I am sharing the process with the world, I am more accountable (ha!).  

Here's to nothing!

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  1. I can't wait to see your progress! Cheers to your new hobby. :-)