21 March 2011

On First Mate's First Boat Venture...

Sunday, I took First Mate to visit her first boat, the USCG Eagle, a clipper vessel from the 1930's.  It made the first stop of its tour in Philadelphia, so we went over to take a tour!

Frustratingly, First Mate would not keep on her specs (read: sunglasses) as I would have liked.  Mommy thinks that eye protection starts early!


  1. CB will NOT keep on her sunglasses, either! AND she enjoys taking ours off of us! Annoying! Protect those eyes!

  2. i know the feeling-- a little boy i babysit is the same way, and he won't keep a hat on either (or gloves in the wintertime)....looks like fun despite the sunglass complications! i'm new to blogging, please stop by!

  3. This is what happens around here:
    Suglasses on, off, in mouth, back on by mom, on the ground, wiped off, back on, back in mouth, rinse, repeat.

    Funny for a kid that gets so angry when the sun is in his eyes! :)

  4. That is the most perfect picture of you two. xo xo