02 March 2011

On Quilting - Part 2 (continued)...

 Yay!  First Mate decided it was okay to take a nice LONG nap this morning, so I got the sewing part of my quilting "homework" done.  I am so proud.

1. I sewed the squares together, 1/4" on each side of the blue center line.

2. Then, I cut the squares in half along the blue center line.

3. Next, the squares need to be ironed open.  I made sure to iron the little middle flappy thing (again, a made up term) to the dark side (and no, there is no Star Wars pun intended).

 4.  I thought that the little tiny 2" squares looked really funny after being ironed!  Note that I have not squared off (real term) the squares yet.  I am afraid to do that without proper teacher supervision (don't want to do it wrong and have to start over!).

 5. Yay!  This is kind of what the sails (I originally typed sales - ha!) will look like when I am done.  Maybe I can do this after all?

Enjoy your day!  Back to a regular post later in the week.

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