01 April 2011

On Being a Little Phillies Fan...

First Mate was VERY excited this morning.  Why?  You may ask.  Well, today was the Phillies home opener!

Also...I managed to order not one but TWO Phillie Phanatic Pillow Pets (one for First Mate, one for me!).  They're a pillow, and a pet AND a Phanatic all in one!  Superb!


As you can tell, First Mate is going to be as big a Phanatic phan as Mommy:


  1. Seriously she is so cute with her Phanatic!! Love this post! YAY for baseball season!!

  2. As much as I am NOT a Phillies fan I have to say that I love the Phanatic because he is adorable and that picture of First Mate kissing him is just too cute!

  3. Aww, she looks so cute! CB wore her Texas Rangers shirt for the opener yesterday... yay for baseball season!

  4. Too cute! Detroit Tigers fan here, but that stuffed animal is adorable!

  5. Both of you, simply adorable!!