06 April 2011

On My Career...

I've been asked about my college major since I've listed Sigma Gamma Epilson as one of "my life in icons" well, icons.  For those of you intrigued enough to Google it or dorky enough to know it on your own, you are aware that it is NOT a sorority (although, if I could go back in time, I would have A. went to a school with Greek life and B. pledged - not sure what sorority though) it is the National Honor Society for the Earth Sciences.

So, to answer your question: I hold a BS in Environmental Science and an MA in Physical Science (Geology based).  Yes, I know, some of you already knew that.  ;)

The question that usually comes next is - what do you do for a living?  Well, I am a Maritime Environmental Consultant (which is not my given job description but is the best way to encompass all the facets of my position). Okay, so what do I really do?  To put it as easily as possible, I work at preventing oil spills from happening and then, when they do - I help to clean them up.

And, now I am providing you with a show of the WORST possible photos EVER that were taken of me as I was doing my job:

EAGLE OTOME spill, Port Arthur, TX

 Gulf Spill, Mobile Bay, AL

 Gulf Spill, Dauphin Island, AL

Gulf Spill, Dauphin Island, AL


  1. Cool! Thanks for blogging about this. From the photos (and the fact that your MA is geology based,) I guess your focus is more on chemistry and physics rather than biology? How much geology

    -formerly blogging under "WB"

  2. Wow, that is so cool!! I love that you have a the knowledge to DO something so unique and challenging!

  3. @Tracy - my focus is mostly geomorphology, some hydrogeology and a wee bit o'physics. Not chemistry and DEFINITELY not biology (thank goodness!!!).

  4. Very cool! Much more interesting than being a history teacher like me, haha! ; )

  5. Good Day,
    I commend you on your exceptional work. Well done!

  6. wow! what important and interesting work you do!