04 April 2011

On Decorations for First Mate's Big Girl Room...

Today, Captain Mom and I made these adorable wall decorations for First Mate's new big girl room: 

I have to thank Miss Susan at The Preppy Princess for providing us with the necessary supplies to complete this fabulous project!  She truly is the very best!

Oh, and I decided on a wall color (as you can kind of see in the background of the above photo)!  I chose "Elephant Pink" (can't seem to make the connection between elephants and pink, however...).  It is PERFECT for a little girl's very first bedroom!


  1. i LOVE it!! so creative! did you use lilly wrapping paper to cover the letters?

  2. Love it!! That color is going to be just perfect:)

    I cam 2nd the Susan thing......
    She is the bomb!

  3. These are so cute - I know her room is going to be so sweet!!

    And Miss Susan is just the sweetest!! :)

  4. Is that paper or fabric? I wish Lilly still sold fabric by the yard.