19 April 2011

On Hair Products...

Does anyone have one of these?

I really want to try out the Instyler, but it seems like a steep price if it doesn't work

Reviews anyone?


  1. I have one but not one of the new, cool ones. Mine is about 8-10 years old! Good luck on the hunt for one, it does work wonders!

    Sending you a smile,
    tp (aka WKW, What Kate Wore, the other blog)

  2. I want one too!!! The price on Amazon is about $89 I have heard it is great but it gets REALLY hot!

  3. A friend of mine has it and she loves it! I tried it once and wasn't super impressed - but I could have been using it wrong - or just may not have the right hair for it?

  4. Sorry gal, don't have one of these gizmo's :(